Yvette Matias

Last update: April 15 2010
KASAGIP Charitable Trust has deposited the amount of $300.00 based on donations given for beneficiary Yvette Matias on April 15, 2010 to her account at the Wellington Hospital. Yvette and family will complete the payment. Yvette has now began working as a Nurse in Karori and hoping to fully settle as a migrant here in New Zealand.

Previous update 
KASAGIP Charitable Trust would like to thank all those who have given donations for Yvette Matias in response to our appeal, she is a new arrival in New Zealand who was hospitalised due to complications associated with her diabetes. The good news is that Yvette has finally fully recovered and has also been granted her work permit allowing her now to practice her nursing qualifications in Karori. Thank you for your prayers and other forms of support. This is an example of how community effort can make a significant difference to the life of another person. KASAGIP will send all donations we've gathered to the Wellington Hospital to help pay for her hospitalisation bill. She and the hospital will arrange for how the rest of the bill will be settled.