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The Logo

KASAGIP’s colours are BLUE, GOLD and WHITE.

The Gold spirit represents our benefactors, sponsors where we will draw our main fund support. This may be primed up by the so called Golden Club, our donation club/membership drive to raise a sustainable fund generation to the trust. 

The Blue spirit is represented in the many would-be volunteers that support the vision and mission of Kasagip. They shall be the “work horse” and the “working bees” aptly called the Blue Angels Brigade. In Filipino, nobility is represented by the colour blue as in “dugong bughaw” (Blue Blood). 

The White colour represents the very purpose of Trust’s existence-- its mission to help new migrants in need. White is very scriptural and divine. It symbolizes as well our simple and pure intentions of putting together out of our nothingness the noble purpose of helping others out of nothing. So we just rely much on divine providence that others would help us in our quest to help and in our resolve to become a venue to collectively become a watershed for assistance centre to new migrant.